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  • Bellingham Educational Article of the Month - Will an Opossum Under a Shed or Porch Have a Nest of Babies?

Will an Opossum Under a Shed or Porch Have a Nest of Babies?

Will an Opossum Under a Shed or Porch Have a Nest of Babies?
An opossum is primarily a rodent and a marsupial animal with a pouch just like kangaroos. He is a bit larger than the size of a rat and bears a bare tail for climbing up and grabbing the supports. Basically opossums are nocturnal animals and they come out in search of food right after dark and continue this activity till the dusk. Primarily it is a shy animal which avoids appearing at daytime of having an encounter with humans. But the disturbing fact about opossums is that they live near the houses situated close to woods in Washington.

The reason for living near the human settlements is that they find good and great deal of garbage to feed on. Another main reason is that these animals find good breeding and nesting places in Bellingham is the living areas of humans. Many people have reported the existence of breeding and nesting sites of babies of opossums in or near their sheds and porches.

Demands of opossum’s nest
Like different other nocturnal animals, the Washington opossums will always try to build the nests in the places which are quite dark and safe like the dens and caves where they can hide for the light hours of the day. For this reason the dark and crawl in spaces of the houses and buildings in the Bellingham area are the favorite places of opossums to build nests and raise their babies there. Many people report of the existence of babies of opossums in the crevices of their porches and garages. Sometimes it seems very disturbing while at other times people do not normally bother about their existence. Usually these nests and dens are made in temporary basis but if these animals find any food source in the nearby location, then they might raise their babies there as well. This is very true in case of their dens near the porches and sheds because opossums can find pretty much amount of food by living near the houses in Washington.

How to prevent opossums’ nesting
Generally there is no specific way to prevent the nest formation of opossums because being nocturnal animals; their movement takes place in the night time. However if any nest is found, then they can be made to run away and abandon the den by applying the fuming technique. The construction of nest of opossums is different in summers as it is in winters. Therefore different methods can be employed in clearing these nests.

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