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  • Bellingham Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Opossums Away From Your Property

How to Keep Opossums Away From Your Property

How to Keep Opossums Away From Your Property
Opossums are animals which feed on decaying matter and carcasses. Because of that they often look for food and such matter near Washington areas where human dispose their leftover food items. As because of environmental changes life for wild animals is becoming difficult day by day and it is difficult for them to find for their survival they tend to move toward human territory in Bellingham. Climate change and habitual destruction is compelling them to move away from your home.

These are said to be the most suitable reasons of an opossum being attracted toward your property.
In order to keep an opossum away from your property in Bellingham, Washington, following precautionary measures should be taken and instructions should be followed.
(I). Proper disposal of garbage:
Keeping first thing first, in order to avoid presence of opossum one should take great care regarding disposal of the garbage and leftover food. All the food items and leftover should be dumped in a special place and should also be removed from there to a proper place in order to avoid not only the attraction of opossum but other animals toward it.
(ii) Enclosing the area with fence:
Another possible way to avoid the presence of the opossum around your Washington property is by fencing your residency or territory either with the help of hardware cloth or chicken fence it would help you to keep them away. The fence made should be 6 inch or more inside the dirt so that they may find no place to get in your property. Keep your windows doors and every possible way for them to get in closed.
(iii) Keeping your surrounding clean.
Opossum are more inclined toward eating fruits vegetables and their leftovers apart from dumping garbage properly one should keep the surrounding of their Bellingham property clean to prevent the presence of opossums.
(iv) Natural way to keep away opossum.
Another 'home remedy' to keep opossum away from your Washington property is by making a homemade spray for which you will need garlic and water. Mix fresh garlic with fresh water and spray it around your property. The smell of it will help to keep them away. Other than that spicy material also act as an opossum repellent.
(v) Maintaining your garden.
In order to avoid the presence of such animals, one should keep its garden in good shape by cutting off the grass regularly this will dismiss their source of camouflage and one will be avail to easily detect their presence.
(vii) Keeping Trees in shape;
As opossums are good tree climbers they can easily make their way in your Bellingham property by climbing the extended branches of the nearby tree so if you want to keep your property safe from opossums.

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