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  • Bellingham Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Bats Out of a Wall

How to Get Bats Out of a Wall

How to Get Bats Out of a Wall

Removing bats:
Bellingham bat removal is perhaps the most tough task when we talk about Washington wild life removal from a house. Experts are of the view that as the Washington bats are small in size they cannot be detected at very early stage. Moreover the female bat increases its family very slowly i.e. only one pup (the young of bats) a year. Therefore they are known to be living in an attic, wall or chimney when they have become a crowd.

Is bat removal technique important?
Bellingham bats are known as a unique mammal. Therefore many state’s law are aginst the killing of bats even a number of excluding techniques are ban as well. So you may conclude that getting rid of Washington bats requires a lot of experience and the bat removal technique plays an important role in this context. There are different ways of bat removal used for different areas. So you have to select one according to your own requirement, if yiu are going to perform the job yourself. On the other hand there are a number of expert companies in the country offering bat removal services for your convenience.

Getting the bat out of a wall:
Bats do need a big entry point to settle in to your house. Infact they can get in through smallest hole they find anywhere in the house. Therefore you should take much care of tiny holes present in the attics, roofs or even ventilators in Bellingham, WA. The bats can seek shelter in to the walls of your house and it becomes very important to get them out as they harm the property.

Steps to remove bats from a wall:
1- Close all the entry points. You may guess the entry points through stains of oil or grease that bat leaves behind at entering or exiting points.
2- Inspect the walls where you doubt the presence of walls.
3- Observe the timing of entering and exiting of bats in the wall. They are nocturnal and become active at night.
4- Use repellents and sprays that make the environment unfavorable for the bats though temporarily. Cats and dog repellent will also work.
5- Now ensure that there is no bat residing inside the wall or cracks.
6- Fill all the cracks and repair the damages while using cement, bricks or wood.
7- Apply the fiber glass insulation layer on to the walls as it will force the nuisance wildlife to stay away.

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