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  • Bellingham Educational Article of the Month - Information About Gophers

Information About Gophers

A Bellingham Gopher is an animal belonging to the family of Geomydae which are considered as Rodents that are known for extensive activities in the environment. There are several species of Gopher existing across the world, and their concentration is mostly found in the American regions. However, many people mistakenly took ground Squirrels as Gophers because of their similar characteristics and appearance in nature. In this article, you will be familiar with lots of things about Washington Gophers; their appearance, biology, life cycle, habitat, diet, and behavior; all in brief.

Gophers have different species and their physical appearance in terms of color is brown-like fur that nearly matches the color of soil. They have large cheeks pouches which extend from the side of the mouth down through their shoulders; they have short hairy tails that is very sensitive to dictate a tunnel, they sharp deadly sharp teeth, and they also have small eyes. Their commonly-known predators include the following: weasels, hawks, and Bellingham snakes.

In terms of reproduction, Washington Gophers can breed only once or twice in a year - mostly during the spring, and the females usually give birth to young litters in quantity of two to five; they are born blind, but their eyes are open and their bodies become stronger as they reach 40 days . They scientifically belong to the Geomydae family in Kingdom Animalia; their phyla classification is Chordata; their class is Mammalia, as well as they belong to the order of Bellingham Rodents.

Life Cycle
Gophers’ life cycle is interesting as scientific studies reveal that, they have an estimated life cycle of up to 12 years. However, further studies reveal that many of the Bellingham Gophers we see now have an average life cycle of 1 to 3 years. The reason behind this is what many are yet to know.

All species of Washington Gophers seem to have same behavior. They tend to create a network of tunnel systems that serve as means of collecting foods and for protection purposes. They use their pouches to transport food from one place to another usually through the tunnel, back to their burrows; they are good at hoarding and they don’t mostly live on grounds where they are easily visible.

Gophers mostly eat grubs, earth worm, shrubs, and plants roots. Although there are other species of Bellingham Gophers that eat lots of vegetables such as: lettuce, carrots, radishes, and more.

It is important to know that Gophers do not live openly on the ground like other animals of their likes do. They tend to live where soil can be easily tunneled such as moist and softer regions. They are easily identified noticing openings on soil by small piles of loose dirt. They are also found in places such as gardens, lawns, as well as farms. Studies reveal that both males and females Bellingham Gophers can share same burrows and nesting champers if they are living in the same system of tunnel links.

The above are the basic things you need to know about Washington Gophers, although deep research can be done to find out more about this animal. Another point you need to know is that they can be harmful to humans and other animals like cats, because they have a long sharp teeth that can make serious injuries when they bite.

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