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  • Bellingham Educational Article of the Month - Do Wild Animals have Emotions?

Do Wild Animals have Emotions?

One would want to know if Bellingham animals particularly those we don’t see (the wild) have emotions. The answer is as simple as ‘yes they do have’. Some scientists earlier on believed that the wild animals have the same range of emotions as humans and today the results are not much different. Therefore Washington animals do have emotions.

Commonly seen emotions in animals are:
• Joy.
• Fear.
• Despair.
• Grief.

Joy in animals
Animals feel joy and especially around their species. This is evident particularly in animals that travel in packs such as the lions and elephants. Cubs of a lions like playing together, this are a sure sign of the bond they have. They feel loved and in their attempt to maintain the bond they give the love back this whole cycle produces an emotion of joy and not only in lions but also in other kinds of Bellingham animals like monkeys.

Fear in animals
To answer this I will begin by asking some of the most fundamental questions, why do Washington animals hide in case of threat? Why do they run away when someone chase them? Why do animals protect their territory from other animals? This is because animals have an emotion of fear and need to be protected. Wild Bellingham animals like wolfs, lions, elephants, buffaloes and wild beasts travels in groups to protect each other.

Desperation in animals
There are moments that Bellingham animals feel so desperate. This is a period where they suffer lose. The same case happens with humans. This is the period when they are in need of love but they cannot find it anywhere. This arouses a feeling of desperation in animals. In an attempt to cover these emotions, certain other emotions are aroused and these are:
• Love.
• Jealousy.
• Loneliness.
• Anxiety.

Grief in animals
These are as a result of desperation. Therefore, Washington animals do experience desperation. Animals do experience grief incase of loss. This emotion is particularly shown by the elephant which is said to even shed tears, touch and smell the carcass of a dead elephant. This shows in so far as grief is concerned, animals also grief for not only loss but many things that would attribute to this. These are just a few of the common emotions animals have. There are dozens of emotions that we experience that Bellingham animals also feel. So many emotions we feel that animals do not have but in truth they do. Therefore whatever action we do against them we should know that animals do feel something.

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